General terms for order
Main receivers of the company INTEK can be divided into groups:
1.Foreign receivers
PAAL Group process conveyor system - ecology
AMTGmbH process transportation system units
AFR SA (Fr) mechanical units
Sheldebouw (NL) steel structures
GAWRONSKI Industrievertretungen GmbH

Constructions of frames trailer for agricultural transport

CONTAINEX warehouse containers 8”; 10”; 20”
MICHELIN palettes for tires transportation
CONTRACTORS element for cement industry
PROMUS device's unit technological transport
BLEICHERT DE device's unit technological transport
MEGTEC FR devices for printing industry
MUELLER Mitteltal GE frame constructions for truck transport
BAUDIN FR steel constructions
NIRO A/S Denmark items for cement industry
GEICO Italy technological transport technique
SOGAT FR technological transport unit device's
BAUER Anlagen GE device's of specialist brushing
NATIONAL OILWELL Norway oil devices and equipment
Beck DE metallurgical processing equipment
BUELTMANN DE designs of equipment
2. National receivers:
SWEDWOOD Poland process conveyor system
DUERRPOL Radom units, elements for skid system line
PESA Bydgoszcz

body of wagons for transport:

  • loose materials, steel materials
  • bodies of rail vehicles constructions
DEC Ostróda components, elements for cars tanker
URSUS Warsaw

arrangements of back suspension of agricultural tools (three punctual)

  • hook-type coupling for tractors
  • arrangement front catch of tools TUZ
  • elements for gearbox
MOSTOSTAL Gdańsk steel constructions
MOSTOSTAL Warsaw steel constructions
MOSTOSTAL Siedlce steel constructions
STELL- BUILDING Poznań steel constructions
PRODLEW Warsaw belt conveyors, batchers, mixers for sand-mix
BUMAR elements of building's excavator (jigs, ploughs, grabs, frames of body)
HACO Gdańsk clamping of container's element
ULSTEIN FAMA Gniew gear cases toothed
KOOPERACJA Poznań plate conveyors, conveyors of chip
TASKOPROJEKT Poznań device's unit technological transport for VW-Poznań
IZOPANEL Gdańsk steel constructions
HK Suwałki steel constructions
TOWIMOR Toruń items for nautical devices
ZMG Glinik items for mining devices
ANKORA Gdańsk units of liquid substances devices
FAP Tychy technological transport technique(M+H+S)
VW Poznań technological transport technique (M+H+S)
ANGA Gdańsk specialist steel construction