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In 2003 the company was restructured and it was given a new name INTEK Ltd. Private capital states 100% shares in the company.
From now on the certificates and certificates of qualification that were previously received have been renewed. It was decided to introduce a system ISO 9001, 9002 and EURONORM EN729.  The Document Management System PRO-AKTYN was also introduced and it was decided to modernize the machinery and to expand the company.
The company manages an area over 5 hectares with halls of total area over 15.000 m2.


A dynamic growth .Sales doubled. The crew has grown by more than 80 people and
currently employs over 200 employees.


Intek implemented ISO PN-EN 9001:2001, PN-EN ISO 14001:1998, PN
18001:2004 Certificate in April 2005. This Integrated Management System confirms that the company puts into practice its policy. The main aim of the policy is to provide our Customers with products compatible with the documentation and to make the manufacturing process environmental friendly.
Numerical operate machines were bought.The area of production halls was enlarged  by 1000 m2


A first turnkey contract was accopmlished. First stage of the technological transport was designed, carried out, installed and launched at Customer’s.
Intek Ltd. started production in a new welding hall of total area of 800 m2 and workers in new weldingshop introduced to new social subsidiaries.


Purchase of anothers numerically controlled manufacturing machines
a new 2.000 sq. m. hall was built


Completion hall enlarged by 3000 sq.m.


Our company was rewarded with the award "Gazele Biznesu" for dynamic development

Further development and modernization of company is planed


Business Credibility Certificate issued by Duns & Bradstreet is a proof of professional development and stability of our company on the market.


The weldingworkshop with an area of 1200 square metres was refurbished and put into using again


Ensured by making a series of technological revitalization of the old paint shop connected under the roof of the existing halls. This solution is designed to provide higher performance of devices on the level of quality.

We are pround to announce that Intek sp. z o.o. is celebrating its decennial anniversary. We would like to say "Thank you" to our team for so many years of efforts and engagement in building company's position on the market and our Customers for giving us their trust and opportunities to grow.

Once again Intek got the highest rating of financial stability of D&B Poland and Certificate of Business Credibility and Certificate of Dynamic Company

It's our pleasure to inform you that our company received the title of Relible Employer of 2013

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The company continues the building its own infrastructure development. The enormous speed of development was ewarded with the Diamonds of the Forbes Magazin and our website was ewarded with the e-Diamenty Forbesa& 2014

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INTEK Ltd is pleased to be honored with a "Best Enterprise" designation and the President Janusz Stefanski with a "Manager of the Year" award by the European Business Assembly in Oxford UK on October,2014

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From 28-31 December 2014 in Vienna took place the international meeting of the European Chamber of the EBA/ Oxford. During the festive gala in Palais Pallavicini, among the prominent personalities from the world of science and business from three continents, have been granted international awards for outstanding achievements. President Janusz Stefanski received from the hands of the EBA Director General Mr. John W.A. Netting certificate of Excellence in Investment and Innovation.The company INTEK confirmed the membership of a group of reliable partners on the international scene by putting on the development, improvement of the quality management and leadership.

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2015 -

The Swiss organisation of The European Society for Quality Research - ESQR - honored the company's achievements in the field of excellent quality management in the category "GOLD" and awarded to the President a certificate and a statuette at a gala ceremony in London.

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Once again we have been featured by Forbes monthly ranked in "Forbes Diamonds by 2015" !

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The Intek sp. z o.o. company and it's President have been honored by receiving THE BIZZ 2015 award from the World Confederation of Business WORLDCOB Houston/ Texas USA. This Business Excellence award is in recognition of the President and company's achievement and good business practices. At the same time, Intek Company has joined the elite membership of WORLDCOB Federation for international business.

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We are making every effort in the design and manufacture of equipment of the highest standard of technique. We are pleasure to inform you that the next innovation solution in turning device has been submitted to the Polish Patent Office as a protected usable pattern at No. W. 124514